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Special Events and Workshops

Todos los Domingos 

 Yoga en Espanol
With Paola Murillo
Clase Comunitaria (paga lo que puedas)

Únete a nuestra clase de Vinyasa para experimentar movimientos fluidos vinculados con la respiración consciente.

Los estudiantes pasarán por una secuencia de posturas, conectando cada movimiento con tus inhalaciones y exhalaciones.


Esta es una experiencia que todo yogui debe probar para elevar su práctica de yoga y conectarse consigo mismos internamente.

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture

Saturday, June 22

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony
With Isabel Franco


Let’s gather in sacred space to experience the gentle heart opening energy of ceremonial cacao.


We will cultivate connection to the self, to spirit, and to the world around us. Combining traditional practices with medicine songs, conscious breathwork and sound modalities, we will journey back to the heart.


We will begin with a heart warming Cacao Ceremony, traditionally used by the Maya Civilization as a sacred medicine to open the heart. We will use the ceremony to activate a meditative state and send us on a conscious breathwork journey accompanied by aromatherapy and vibrational sound.

Friday, June 28

Reiki & Intro to Energy Healing
With John Wooley


Join us for a workshop to deep dive into the transformative world of Reiki, an ancient energy healing technique revered for its gentle yet powerful approach to enhancing well-being.

In this session, you will:

• Explore the Foundations of Reiki

• Learn how to integrate Reiki into daily life

• Experience Energy and Healing (engage in hands-on exercises to feel the flow of Reiki energy, learning how to harness this for self-healing and the healing of others).

This workshop will provide valuable insights and techniques to enhance your connection to self and the natural world. Unite with fellow seekers in a journey of discovery and self-healing that promises to open hearts and renew spirits.

Reiki Treatment
Breathing Exercise

Friday, July 19

Inhale Peace, Exhale Stress
(Breathwork Workshop)

With Raquel Rivelo


Breathe. Heal. Thrive.

In today's fast-paced world, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm seem to be constant companions. But what if we told you that there is a simple, natural, and accessible tool that can bring you back to a state of CALM AND BALANCE anytime, anywhere!? That tool is the transformative power of your BREATH!

Unlock the Secrets of Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing!
During this immersive breathwork workshop, you will uncover the profound impact that your breathing has on your overall well-being and understand how your breath plays a key role in your stress response and your brain state!


Discover how to harness the power of slower, deeper
breaths to activate your body's natural relaxation response and walk away with breath
practices (that go beyond your traditional yoga practice) to add to your self-care tool kit!

Past Events

Monday, June 3rd
Leela Sunset Run

With Gabrielle Siani


Join us for an invigorating run (2-5K) from our  studio to the beautiful waterfront! This scenic route offers the perfect balance of urban charm and natural beauty, making it ideal for runners of all levels.


After the run, we’ll gather at the waterfront for a rejuvenating stretching session led by Gabrielle. It's a great way to stay active, enjoy the outdoors, and connect with our community. See you there!

Grass Close Up

Friday, June 7th

New Moon Sound Bath
With Lauren Hemley 


Immerse yourself in a serene sanctuary of sound with our Sound Bath Workshop.


This transformative experience invites you to unwind and rejuvenate through the healing power of sound vibrations.  This workshop combines soothing tones from singing bowls, chimes, and other harmonic instruments to guide you into a state of deep relaxation.


Explore the therapeutic effects of sound as it washes over you, releasing tension, promoting inner peace, and restoring balance to body and mind. 

Monday, May 20
Sunset Walk & Mindfulness Practice

With Olia Kalinina


Meet in the Lobby at 7.45pm. We'll take a stroll around the neighborhood to see the latest blooms and hopefully catch the beautiful sunset colors as the day ends.


We will also do a grounding practice by walking barefoot on the grass (optional, of course). 


And if you're up for it, connect with like-minded yogis, fostering community and wellness.

Grass Close Up

Viernes, May 17th

Ceremonia de Cacao Y Meditation (en Espanol)
With Isabel Franco


Sumérgete en la magia de la planta de cacao mientras nos reunimos en un círculo de amor e intención. En este espacio, nos embarcaremos en un viaje hacia los poderes de apertura del corazón del cacao puro de grado ceremonial.

En esta experiencia sagrada, estableceremos intenciones para el crecimiento personal y la sanación, conectaremos con el espíritu del cacao a través de la meditación guiada y compartiremos en una ceremonia de cacao para la activación del corazón y la claridad. Además, exploraremos profundamente a través de la música, el movimiento y la conexión significativa.


No se necesita experiencia previa, solo un corazón abierto y disposición para viajar hacia dentro.

Los cupos son limitados, ¡así que asegura tu lugar!

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